As a community of Veterans helping Veterans, we will be the support base where together we create healthy and resilient futures.


The Veterans Association Food Bank recognizes any person who is currently serving or has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Veterans Association Food Bank also recognizes and offers support to those currently serving, honourably discharged or honourably released Commonwealth Allies, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Peacekeepers, Merchant Marines, or Ferry Command (Coast Guard). Support will be extended to spouses, widows, widowers, and any dependent children in need. Proof of military service or affiliation required. 


A Veteran is defined as “Any former members of the Canadian Armed forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably discharged.”

Since August 2018, The Veterans Association Food Bank has worked to create a support system for the Veteran community.   You matter each and every time you walk through the door.

The Veterans Association Food Bank was brought to life by Marie Blakburn.  She is a Veteran family member and saw the loss felt by the Veterans she had come to know throughout her time working alongside other Veterans.  Her driving force is to remove the risk of hunger, homelessness and isolation Veterans faced without a dedicated system in place to help.  She continues to be determined to fill the void and be the voice of The Veteran Association Food Bank.

The Veteran Association is more than a Food Bank.  It is a safe place.  The Veterans Helping Veterans initiative is a program developed to connect into what is needed by Veterans and their families.  It’s an ongoing program that is growing and evolving as The Veterans Association Food Bank does.

Currently, The Veterans Association Food Bank is expanding to bring services to new communities including Edmonton and Grand Prairie.  We are growing our programs and reaching out to more Veterans than we thought possible.  The work is never done and we will never give up.