The Veterans Association Food Bank recognizes any person who is currently serving or has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Veterans Association Food Bank also recognizes and offers support to those currently serving, honourably discharged or honourably released Commonwealth Allies,
members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Peacekeepers, Merchant Marines, or Ferry Command (Coast Guard). Support will be extended to spouses, widows, widowers, and any dependent children in need. Proof of military service or affiliation required. 

 If you need assistance call 1-833-422-8387, we are available 24/7.


Emergency Veterans Assistance Costs


We provide emergency funding for any financial crisis a Veteran may be experiencing. We cover rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance, car payments, dental and medications.

The funds are also utilized to assist in the purchase of items to assist a Veteran in pursuit of employment. This could be the purchase of clothing, training, or transportation costs.

All EVAC funding is coupled with financial services and a financial planner to alleviate future financial difficulties.


We opened our Thrift Store in February of 2021. The main purpose of the Thrift Store is to create employment for Veterans who struggled to seek employment in the past. We are able to modify work responsibilities for those who suffer from PTSD or other issues. By employing Veterans that were once dependent on the social programs and giving them a purpose has been extremely rewarding and successful.

The other important component is to be able to provide furniture, household goods or clothes for Veterans that are transitioning either from homelessness or a break down in the family unit at no charge. Our long term goal is to generate funds to help with programs within the Veterans Association Food Bank.

At our Thrift Store, every Friday is Red Friday 50% off day. We would like to encourage the public to remember Veterans for more than one day a year. This is a great initiative to support the Veterans Community year round.


  • Setting up Veterans with My VAC accounts
  • Assist with filing medical claims
  • Screening for OSI
  • Connecting Veterans with other Government Assistance Programs such as AISH, Alberta Works Senior Benefit Programs, and ACCESS Calgary (Transportation)
  • Apply for the Disability Tax Credit
  • Submit applications for ND75 card
  • Although we are based in Calgary and Edmonton we have assisted in critical situations across Canada
  • We are on call 24 hours a day


Many, many of our Veterans have not filed their taxes and some for many years. By not filing taxes many Veterans that would be eligible for Social Assistance, AISH or other government programs can not secure accommodations and they may remain homeless. They are also missing out on extra money that can alleviate some financial stress. Here at the Association we have dedicated volunteers that can assist these Veterans.


We are committed to assist any Veteran in need. As a community of Veterans Helping Veterans volunteers, most referrals are generated through this process.

We are currently working with CPS, Fire, EMS, AHS, and shelters to hopefully connect with those Veterans who are at risk or homeless. We're working on finding a dedicated outreach worker to tackle this ever present problem.

With the assistance of other organizations we have housed at risk Veterans in hotels or our rooming house until we can locate suitable housing and employment.


We recognize that a vast majority of the Veteran community have never drawn up a will. One of the main reasons is the cost related to making a will. We are often notified of a Veteran passing and it is difficult to ensure they get "home" without these important documents. To date we have sent 4 Veterans home across the country and we still have one in our office that we could never find out where "home" was.

We have had covered the burial costs for some of our Veterans that were not eligible through the Last Post Funding.


This program was implemented in 2020 after it was brought to our attention that many of our Veterans could not afford the care for their pets that is required. Whether it is a Service/Emotional Support pet or just your best friend, we recognize the importance they play in the well being of our Veteran community. We are also a pet friendly facility.

Every Valentines day we run our Vets for Pets fundraiser. This is a time where Veterans can give back to the community. This past Valentines Day we were able to support Courageous Companions by raising just over $12,000.00.